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Italy′s specialty microroaster Ditta Artigianale makes retail store debut at Esselunga

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FLORENCE, Italy – Specialty coffee arrives for the first time in the Italian large-scale distribution centers: the coffee by Ditta Artigianale, micro-roasters and coffee stores dedicated to a conscious coffee consumption founded by Francesco Sanapo, lands on the shelves of the Esselunga stores in Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Milan and Verona. The two mono-origins El Manzano and Kobe and the blend MammaMia will be available in a brand new 100% recyclable packet.

“This represents a great victory not only for Ditta Artigianale, but for the whole of the specialty coffee sector, coffee that will be appreciated and known by even more people. – says Ditta Artigianale’s founder and mastermind Francesco Sanapo – Large scale distribution opens its doors to this coffee philosophy that narrates the enormous work done by the real protagonists of the coffee supply chain.

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This represents a huge goal for both the small coffee producers and roasters who are finally seeing their efforts recognised. This represents also a big benefit for the consumers who will finally have the opportunity to be more conscious of what coffee they will be drinking and who will have the possibility to choose between a product of more or less quality, and more or less ethical values from both an environmental and human standpoint, just like it happens with, for example, wine and oil”.

Ditta Artigianale’s coffees are well known not only for their excellent quality – their coffees are in fact grown with extreme attention, picked and selected by hand, processed with care by the growers and enhanced by a meticulous roasting – but also for the particular relationships with the small coffee producers from the originating countries that the team of experts from Ditta Artigianale personally establish through journeying to those countries, and thanks to particular agreements based on reciprocal respect.


There will be three different references available on the Esselunga shelves. The first, MammaMia, is an espresso blend for those who love a typical Italian coffee. A perfect balance achieved through research and studying of new botanical varieties and new fermentation processes, which, together, give a medium-low acidity in cup, with intense chocolate, ripe cherries, caramel and almond notes.

MammaMia is a blend that Sanapo dedicated to his mother and to all women; even the beans used for this blend are cultivated by three different women coffee growers, whom Francesco personally met in their respective farms in Peru, Costa Rica and Honduras.

El Manzano is a mono-origin from El Salvador, specifically the Pacamara variety, cultivated at high altitudes in volcanic soil. This coffee has typical tropical mango and pineapple fruity notes, rotund body and a floral aftertaste. Finca El Manzano is one of Emilio Lopez’s farms, passionate producer dedicated to researching perfection, both in his farms as well as in cup.

Lastly Koke, organic Ethiopian mono-origin, a variety that naturally grows in the forests of the Kaa region at over 2000 m. altitude, which presents a particular and unique taste profile with lime, black tea and bergamot notes.

This particular coffee’s beans are fermented for 24-36 hours, washed and dried in the sun for 10-15 days. The Koke cooperative was founded in 1975 and counts 828 small farmers.

Ditta Artigianale is a specialty micro-roaster and the first Italian line of cafes dedicated to a conscious consumption (dedicated to coffees with particular taste qualities), managed by the multi-award winning barista champion Francesco Sanapo, who chooses himself the best blends and mono-origins directly from the farms in the producing countries. A careful roasting process gives Ditta Artigianle’s coffees a particular and unique luxurious taste.


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