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IMF, coffee roasting plants between tradition innovation and cutting-edge technology

An automatic roasting plant of IMF

OCCHIOBELLO, Rovigo, Italy – When tradition meets innovation, then progress is born. And that is exactly what happened in 2010, when Alessandro Garbin took over IMF. Coming from a family with 100-years’ experience in raw coffee, he managed to increase the company’s value tenfold with its sensitivity and experience in the coffee sector.

Under its management IMF goes from 4 to 38 current employees (of which 3 hired during the last year), manages to bill 10 million euros in 2020, with an average annual growth of 40%, and continues to expand internationally and nationally, bringing equally weighed new market shares. All of this made possible thanks to the positive participation climate that employees breathe, continuously growing both as individuals and professionals.

But this is not the only reason making IMF a leading player in the market…

IMF demonstrates excellence in technology, research and development

Managing to mix family values such as craftsmanship with the latest innovation features with which each plant is designed. Its flagship products are coffee roasters ranging from 1kg up to 480kg, equipped with the latest generation Galileo software that guarantees traceability, reliability, precision and efficiency.

On the other hand, as Alessandro Garbin explains: “our machines are able to take out the most of the coffee characteristics, managing to keep emissions well below European limits, without resorting to expensive external abatement systems such as catalyst”.

The union between quality and sustainability is established, as evidenced by the Vortex system, IMF patent

The system allows you to mix hot and cold air to reach the exact desired temperature to roast coffee with, in a unique, uniform and precise way.

The automatic coffee roaster RM240

In fact, continues the CEO, “thanks to our roasting system with combustion chamber and only one single burner, combined with the energy recovery system, we ensure lower levels of gas consumption than the average”, and “in addition, I am happy to say that customers who use the machines 24/7 are extremely satisfied with the reliability we can guarantee.”

Another point in favour

Another point in favor, for a company whose production also specializes in coffee storage and handling plants for raw and roasted product, entirely customizable according to customer’s needs, complete with pneumatic and mechanical transport systems, green coffee cleaners, dust filters, storage silos of all shapes and sizes, skewers, mixers, coffee grinders.

Another view of the roasting plant

In this period of pandemic, IMF has managed to make the most of its strengths by ensuring an efficient remote assistance service and enhancing its after-sales as few companies do.

This is the history of Made in Italy excellence, and its name is IMF.