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Brasilia launches the new Bl Line with 4 traditional machines and 3 super-automatic models

“The BL line is a result of our passion for the world of coffee, of the commitment shared with our partners to develop technology that is accessible to all and to continue with the traditional excellence that has always characterised Brasilia.”

Brasilia's BL, the new range of professional espresso machines

ZINGONIA DI VERDELLINO, Bergamo, Italy – Since 1977 Brasilia has been driven by a love for coffee and a passion for the universe that surrounds it. For Brasilia, every blend encapsulates the story of its origin, its preparation and its journey around the world.

In this story, the method of extraction is no more than a vehicle through which the blend can express itself and share its journey. This is why the historic Horeca brand, now owned by Bianchi Industry, is presenting the new BL line, which offers four traditional machines and three super-automatic models.

A profound love for coffee is, as always, a characteristic, in line with Brasilia’s long-standing tradition, but the real strength of the BL line lies in its technology.

A three-quarter view of Brasilia BL 500 Light

Specifically, all four traditional machines in the range, from the entry level BL-100, through the BL-300 and BL-500 Dark Edition, to the top-of-the-range BL-500 Light Edition, are equipped with a unique consolidated extraction unit; the B16 unit.

A front view of Brasilia BL 500 Dark

Thanks to its ability to maintain high thermal stability, it allows for constant and consistent results extraction after extraction. Each unit is equipped with static and electronic pre-infusion and can be programmed for automatic washing, facilitating the elimination of residue that could alter the quality and flavour of the coffee.

A three-quarter view of of the Brasilia BL 100

In addition, the B16 unit is fitted with caulked shower screens that allow the coffee capsule to be wetted evenly, favouring more consistent extraction and improving the quality of coffee. The BL line also offers super-automatic models that allow coffee in all its possible forms, as well as many other drinks, to be served with a simple touch: Aurea, the entry level model from the brand, Festa, designed to offer a varied menu, and Moda, a premium machine that combines the ease of use offered through automation with the tradition of thermosiphon circulation for maximum thermal stability and increased production capacity.

Brasilia Moda one group coffee machine

The BL line aims to embody a love for coffee, respect for tradition and support for partners throughout the whole process, from choice of the product to service to the end user.

A three-quarter view of Brasilia Aurea Touch