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ICO Internship Programme Spring/Summer 2017 ─ now accepting applications

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LONDON, UK ─ The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is now accepting applications for its Spring/Summer 2017 Internship Programme at its office based in London.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 15 May 2017. Interested applicants should be at graduate or post-graduate level and should have an interest in research in one of the following areas:

1) Economics & Statistics:

  • Assessing the challenges facing the coffee sector in Latin America (North & Central America and South America) in order to create a fundraising strategy to finance coffee sector development projects
  • Assessing the challenges facing the coffee sector in Asia & Oceania in order to create a fundraising strategy to finance coffee sector development projects

2) Library/Information Services:

  • Sorting and scanning slides to be added to the ICO’s image gallery
  • Assisting with the sorting, checking and cataloguing of publications

Important dates:

15 May 2017: Deadline for the submission of applications

22 May 2017: Notifications sent to applicants via email

1 June 2017: Starting date

31 July 2017: End date

The Programme is designed primarily for students undertaking research into the activities of the Organization, specifically in the areas of Economics & Statistics and Library/Information Services. All internship applications will be considered on a competitive basis.

Interns will be given access to computers, the ICO’s library and various other facilities. They will be required to report to an Officer of the ICO in terms of daily operational responsibilities.

Interns will interact with ICO staff and, if appropriate, will be able to observe the proceedings of ICO meetings or Committees during the period of their stay, with the approval of an Officer of the ICO.

However, all interns will attend ICO meetings in their personal capacity only.

Interns are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner compatible with an international, diplomatic organization.

Subject to regular attendance, a letter confirming the applicant’s completion of the internship will be issued at the end of the programme.

Applicants should have a working knowledge of English and at least one of the Organization’s official languages (French, Portuguese and Spanish).

The acceptance of interns to the ICO’s Programme is subject to the clear understanding that all internships are unpaid and interns must pay their own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

Small stipends for daily lunch and local travel will be provided. Interns are also responsible for making their own insurance arrangements with regard to medical, travel or other emergencies.

Applications must be accompanied by a written statement to this effect from the applicant.

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