Here is how you can enjoy a cup of iced coffee, brewed the Cold Brew way

cold brew

There are several delicious and cold varieties of ice coffee: Cold Brew, iced coffee, iced latté, and many more. The difference between these drinks, is the way they are brewed.

We recommend brewing using the Cold Brew method, where the brewing itself will take 12-24 hours in the fridge. This will allow the sweetness to be more distinct, and the bitterness will disappear.

To get the perfect result, you should use a brewer for ice coffee (and not a regular French Press). The filtering will be better, as will the taste.

Recipe for the perfect cup of ice coffee

1. Add coarsely ground coffee. We recommend using the double amount of coffee.

2. Add fresh, cold water, and stir with a plastic spoon. Put a lid on (no piston).

3. Put a lid on and let the coffee stew in the fridge for 12-24 hours.

4. Take the pot out of the fridge and change the lid to the one with a piston.

5. Push the piston slowly to the bottom.

6. Voila. Ready to serve.

Add ice cubes, milk and syrup. And maybe some delightful vanilla ice-cream. Desert is saved.