Saturday 25 May 2024
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Blue Shade Coffee launch to offer coffee enthusiasts low cost home roasting kits

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LONDON, United Kingdom – Blue Shade Coffee recently launched the UK’s first dedicated online home coffee roasting store, supplying unroasted green coffee beans from all over the world, as well as starter packs and subscriptions, enabling the coffee fanatic to roast their own coffee at home.

Home coffee roasting is very popular in the US, and with the recent rise in popularity of specialty coffee and coffee culture in the UK, its low cost of entry and ability to produce outstanding coffees tailored to the users’ exact tastes is enticing many new people to try out this exciting hobby.

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Much like home brewing, home coffee roasting encourages creativity and is a very rewarding pastime, and while it has a low barrier to entry and is easy to produce great results, there is a lot of room for exploration for those who would like to delve a little deeper.

Benefits of home coffee roasting include a significantly fresher product than shop bought, a much lower cost to purchase when compared with roasted coffee, and total control over the coffees’ origins and roast profiles. You are able to experiment with various different factors on each bean, and even create your own unique blends.


Blue Shade Coffee offer homerroasting starter packs from just £29 with everything you need to get started, as well as half a kilo of unroasted green coffee beans from two different origins with each kit.

Also available are a large variety of unroasted coffee beans from around the world and the UK’s only unroasted coffee bean subscription packages.

Information on home coffee roasting as well as a downloadable PDF get started guide can also be found for free on the Blue Shade Coffee website.


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