Friday 02 December 2022

HOST 2013 – Gruppo Cimbali: Ecology and Economy go hand in hand

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MILAN – Every year Gruppo Cimbali invests 10 % of its turnover in research and development and innovative technologies since it is confident that such fields are vital in order to successfully tackle the challenges brought about by the ever changing market of modern cafeteria.

Following the introduction of advanced electronics, Gruppo Cimbali will be presenting a range of eco-technological solutions at the Host trade fair. These solutions are designed to cut energy demands while respecting the environment.

LaCimbali M39 TE, M100 (picture) and M34 models, Teorema and the Emblema Restyling by Faema are all fitted with an insulated boiler ensuring minimum heat loss. This means that less energy is required to heat the water in the boiler, resistors are less subject to use and hence overall performance of the machine is improved.

The Energy Saving Mode – available on the new mid to high-range LaCimbali and Faema products – allows the user to diminish the pressure within the boiler when the coffee machine is not expected to deliver for a significant length of time. On machines fitted with independent boilers, the user may select which boiler/s to put in stand by.

Smart Boiler Technology, ensures that pressure within the boiler remains constant, thus wasting as little energy as possible while guaranteeing maximum steam production.

Such innovations entail economic benefits too since they allow the user to cut daily energy costs by 21% when compared to an equivalent machine, based on parameters set out in DIN 18873-2


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