Thursday 25 July 2024
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Circle K and Löfbergs widen cooperation against food waste with the Rescued Coffee project

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KARLSTAD, Sweden – Since 80-90% of the climate effects of coffee occur in the coffee growing countries, it is really valuable to minimize waste of the finished product. Löfbergs and Circle K ’s new sustainability project Rescued Coffee was born from that insight; a coffee created by three different kinds of coffee that otherwise would risk being wasted at the roasting house. After a successful pre-test, the coffee is now being launched on a wide front in Sweden and a total of 13 tons of coffee is rescued in 2021.

There are many reasons for a coffee to end up on the side of the regular production flow and therefore cannot be sold. Sometimes the bar code or the package might be damaged, other times the roasting or grinding level is not exactly as expected. Since the quality of the coffee is unchanged at a high level, Löfbergs wanted to find a partner that could help take care of the coffee and revitalise it.

“Every way that can decrease food waste is welcomed with open arms and we are really happy to be cooperating with Löfbergs in this project. We sell 11 million cups of coffee every year in Sweden and take coffee really seriously. That is why the flavour scheme and the uniqueness of this coffee have been a big part of the process. During our test phase this spring, the coffee sold out quicker than expected, so the customers are really with us in this,” says Martin Stenberg, Senior Category Manager at Circle K.

Löfbergs’s coffee experts use different kinds of coffee in this project and combine them to a unique blend according to supply. It means that the same coffee never can be copied, every batch has a totally unique flavour scheme. This time, the result is a dark-roast, well-balanced and full-bodied coffee with notes of cacao and dried fruit. The beans come from sustainably certified farms in South and Central America as well as South-East Asia.

“Sustainability matters are always present for us, but to be able to realize all ideas we depend on partners like Circle K, who are willing and brave to try out and develop new concepts together with us. There is a lot of work and passion behind this coffee and we are very happy with the result,” says Martin Löfberg, Chief Purchasing Officer at Löfbergs.

Environmental benefits with the rescued coffee:

  • The project guarantees a saving of about 60 tons of CO2 during the first year
  • The use of pesticides decreases with 140 kg
  • An area the equivalent of 24 football pitches is converted to sustainable production
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