Tuesday 09 August 2022
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Circle K

Taking stock of one year of Rescued Coffee

KARLSTAD, Sweden – The sustainability project Rescued Coffee began a year ago, a cooperation between Circle K and Löfbergs with the purpose to minimize...

Circle K and Löfbergs widen cooperation against food waste with the Rescued Coffee project

KARLSTAD, Sweden – Since 80-90% of the climate effects of coffee occur in the coffee growing countries, it is really valuable to minimize waste...

National convenience store Circle K launches sustainably sourced coffee line

CHARLOTTE, N.C., US – Circle K, the national convenience store, is taking its commitment to sustainability a step further by becoming the largest convenience...

Lithuanian women love coffee more than men: the cause may lie in genes

MILAN – A recent study carried out in Lithuania showed that 22% of men and only 7.5 % of women do not drink coffee....

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