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HoReCa: the decalogue of the recovery in a recent webinar organised by Fiera Milano

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MILAN, Italy – A webinar, the latest in a long series organized by Fiera Milano with a single goal: to put people back at the center, investing in moments of encounter and relationship between stakeholders, companies and operators, to accompany all the key players in the industry in a approach to the new edition of HostMilano.

“All the more reason in a moment like this, where the restart of the out-of-home has already begun, Host confirms itself as the only moment where companies can update themselves and understand the state of the art in the sector, being able to deal with competitors who present the best in terms of product and service technological innovation”, said Simona Greco, Group Owned Exhibitions Director of Fiera Milano, speaking during “Rethinking and innovating hospitality to offer the experience of a country in recovery”, the live webinar of last September 16 which was also attended by the CEO of and president of the jury of the Smart Label Host Innovation Award, Matteo Ingaramo; Venanzio Arquilla, Associate Professor, Department of Design at the Milan Polytechnic; the master of Italian and international pastry chefs Iginio Massari; Mario Moretti, CEO of Moretti Forni; Giuseppe Pedrali, CEO of Pedrali; the food and wine journalist Paolo Vizzari; Luigi Morello, Strategic Product Marketing Director of the Cimbali Group.

“To seize these opportunities, however, we cannot go back to ‘the way it was’ and new business models will be needed. In this scenario, sustainability plays an increasing role. HostMilano was among the first events to focus on sustainability and circular economy, this allows us today to propose ourselves with our expertise as a reference for companies that want to start again by responding to the needs that now also come from the end user, made much more aware by the emergency”. Ingaramo also insisted on the role of sustainability in the of tomorrow.

“The theme of sustainability does not only mean attention to consumption but also concerns the durability of objects, circularity, low consumption of territories”, added the president of the jury of the Smart Label Host Innovation Award. “More generally, however, it is the entire hospitality sector that needs to be rethought and innovated. In the hospitality of tomorrow, elements that find a particular link with Made in Italy will count more and more: the personalization of the service, the ‘local’ and territory values, the experiences, the high quality and professionalism. But above all, a cultural change and the adoption of new ways of doing business will be needed”.

In short, in the New Normality the “green washing” should no longer exist. Instead, companies will need to focus on innovative sustainability, to deal with digital transformation and make the business adequate to the new needs of the end users.

This is exactly what companies like the Cimbali Group have been doing for years. “All our activities are valued in terms of Sustainable Development Goals, as a reference framework for the development of a strategic approach to sustainability”, explained Luigi Morello, Strategic Product Marketing Director of the company.


A way of seeing the evolution of the sector, the one that focuses on the “green”, which also unites the other two companies who attended the webinar. “Over the past 5 years we have decreased the energy consumption of our products by 30%. But the commitment is to reach a further reduction of 30% by 2025″, underlined the CEO of Moretti Forni, Mario Moretti. “For our part, everything is done from a sustainable perspective. From warehouses to factories, from product certification to the use of recyclable materials, when we think of a product we do it from design to disposal”, added Giuseppe Pedrali, CEO of Pedrali.


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