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Expat.Roasters reduces environmental impact by shifting from single-use packaging to reusable tins

Shae Macnamara, Founder and CEO of the company: "We take immense pride in the substantial progress we have made to reduce our environmental impact and drive positive change within the coffee industry"

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BALI, Indonesia – Expat.Roasters, a leading specialty coffee producer in Indonesia,  announces the release of its highly anticipated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, highlighting the remarkable achievements and progress made throughout 2022. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, Expat.Roasters shares its significant efforts towards minimizing environmental impact, shaping a sustainable future, and promoting local sourcing practices.

Expat.Roasters and its green policy

“We take immense pride in the substantial progress we have made to reduce our environmental impact and drive positive change within the coffee industry,” says Shae Macnamara, Founder and CEO, Expat.Roasters.

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“This report not only reflects our commitment to transparency but also marks the beginning of our unwavering dedication to making a lasting impact on both the coffee industry and society as a whole.”

Embracing a strong environmental ethos, Expat.Roasters has taken bold strides to reduce its carbon footprint by revolutionising its packaging approach. By shifting from single-use packaging to reusable tins in 2019, the company has effectively eliminated the need for thousands of disposable packages, marking a substantial step towards mitigating waste and promoting a circular economy.

This groundbreaking initiative not only aligns Expat.Roasters with global sustainability goals but also sets an inspiring example for the entire coffee industry.

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The 2022 CSR report serves as a comprehensive benchmark, comparing Expat.Roasters’ performance in the previous year with its remarkable achievements in 2022.

The report delves into the company’s innovative projects and provides invaluable insights into upcoming initiatives. Among the notable highlights is the sourcing of 98% of Expat.Roasters’ beans locally, reinforcing the company’s dedication to supporting local communities, reducing transportation emissions, and ensuring the freshest and highest-quality coffee for its customers.

In line with its commitment to transparency and enhanced communication, Expat.Roasters will continue to provide more frequent and concise CSR updates across all its brand channels. By keeping stakeholders informed about ongoing initiatives, Expat.Roasters seeks to foster stronger connections, inspire others to follow suit, and pave the way for a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

To learn more about Expat.Roasters’ CSR initiatives and to access the full CSR report, please click here.

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