Wednesday 21 February 2024

DHL and Mars UK open warehousing facility in London removing one million miles a year from roads through £350M investment

The opening of the London Thames Gateway facility marks the completion of DHL and Mars UK’s £350m ‘Project Gateway’ investment into UK operations. It follows the opening of the East Midlands Gateway facility in May 2022. The London Thames Gateway facility completes the streamlining of inbound and outbound distribution of Mars UK’s product portfolio across Mars Food, Mars Wrigley and Mars Pet Nutrition. This landmark piece of work will deliver an annual CO2 reduction of 7.7% across Mars UK’s logistics network. The new site has achieved BREEAM 'Outstanding' accreditation, placing it in the top 1% of non-domestic buildings in the UK environmentally

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UNITED KINGDOM, UK – DHL and Mars UK have announced the opening of a new state of the art warehousing facility, London Thames Gateway. The opening marks the completion of Mars UK’s new world-class logistics operation, through a £350 million investment and partnership with DHL. The project will reduce Mars UK’s logistics carbon footprint by 7.7% and remove a million miles a year from roads – which is 40 times around the world.

The new facility, standing at 42 meters makes it one of the tallest distribution centres in Europe and features 3,700 solar panels, which produce 27% of the site’s power usage. It has achieved BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ accreditation, placing it in the top 1% of non-domestic buildings in the UK environmentally.

The building helps Mars realize its ambition of creating a world-class logistics network that is sustainable, smart and agile. Its streamlined operations incorporate the latest automated pallet storage and retrieval (ASRS) technology and the Gateway facility also features High Frequency charging of equipment resulting in up to 30% less energy usage, rainwater harvesting and LED lighting throughout.

The two new sites will increase Mars’ UK warehousing capacity by over 50%. The location of the warehouses means it has strong transport links. Mars is able to streamline the inbound and outbound distribution of its product portfolio, removing a million miles a year from roads. From Whiskas® and Pedigree® to Celebrations® and Ben’s Original®, Mars UK transports over 1.2 million pallets of its products every year – which, if you stack those pallets on top of each other, is the equivalent of shipping the height of Mount Everest every other day.

The completion of the new facilities is a significant milestone in Mars UK and DHL’s journey to a more sustainable future, showcasing their commitment to finding innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact in logistics operations, whilst ensuring that Mars is well positioned to deliver their portfolio of products to future generations.

Adam Grant, General Manager, Mars Wrigley UK – Mars said: “Today is a major milestone for Mars UK’s logistics operations and a meaningful step in our sustainability journey. Over the past few years, our partnership with DHL has seen the completion of two pioneering facilities. Not only does this future-proof our distribution practices, it also puts into action Mars’ aim to create a world-class logistics operation that is sustainable, smart and agile.”

Saul Resnick, CEO, DHL Supply Chain UK&I said: “This project with Mars UK further solidifies our belief that working with partners whose business and sustainability targets align with your own allows you to achieve the best results. This partnership does exactly that – it represents a great example for others of how businesses can work together to reduce carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Mars UK and supporting the company’s growth in the years to come.”

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