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Eagle One: The absolute preview of the new Victoria Arduino in London

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MILAN – A project inspired by the best culture of italian design and looks to the future. Eagle One is the new Victoria Arduino’s professional espresso machine, which will be presented in London on the 19th of September (at 11.30am – London time) during the I-MADE (Italian Manufacturer Art & Design Exhibition) at the Saatchi Gallery.

For the preview, Eagle One will be presented in a particular version customized by Giulio Cappellini, art director I-MADE, who chose for the machine chrome colors and innovative materials.

DVG De Vecchi

“Eagle One is the symbol of modernity of Victoria Arduino. The brand was born at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, worked on the quality product, continuously doing research” – recalls Giulio Cappellini.

“From the first design of the coffee machine, the brand has picked up the needs and transformed them into technologies, also through the great collaborations with the futurist artist Leonetto Cappiello and the architect Caccia Dominioni.

La Cimbali

The brand has an eagle symbol, and was able to look beyond geopolitical boundaries, listening to an international audience. I consider Victoria Arduino as an excellent example of Made in Italy.”

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