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Ditta Artigianale, the all-Tuscan micro roaster, flies to La Marzocco Café in Seattle

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FLORENCE, Italy – Ditta Artigianale ’s coffees, all-Tuscan micro coffee roasters and line of specialty coffees, flies to Seattle. From August 14th to September 13th Ditta Artigianale can be found at the Marzocco Café in Seattle (472 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA, USA), bringing the excellency of Italian coffees to the USA. The Marzocco Café, located in Seattle, is part of the La Marzocco USA, branch of the global company “La Marzocco”, Italian producer of coffee machines since 1927.

This renowned coffee store welcomes every year 12 coffee roasters from around the world, giving them the opportunity of showing their products, serve their coffees and become known in the States for one month.

Ditta Artigianale is the only Italian roaster to be chosen for 2019, and created an ad hoc menu for its residency: a mix of classic Italian styles, between expresso, moka and Italian historical beverages, coffee beverages from around the world, refreshing summer specialties and a Mocha.

This is an accurate selection chosen not only to meet the clienteles’ different tastes, but also in order to promote the widest varieties of Ditta Artigianale’s coffees.

We presented our candidacy to the Marzocco Café about a year ago – declares Francesco Sanapo, proprietor of Ditta Artigianale, Italian coffee tasters champion and multi-awarded barista champion – and we are obviously extremely happy to have the possibility of making our products and our passion and the quality of the Made in Tuscany coffees known to Seattle. This will be a very important showcase for us”.


Amongst the various beverages and types of coffees found in the ad hoc menu for Seattle, you can find the Single Shot Espresso, done in the classic Italian style, to let people know how espressos are served at a bar in Italy.

The blend used is the “Mamma Mia”, dedicated to the founder Francesco’s mother and to women in general, a blend characterized by a full body espresso, with low acidity and dark chocolate and mature cherry notes.

All the coffees present in this particular blend are produced and processed by some amazing women coffee growers whom the same Francesco met and worked with during his numerous travels towards the origins of coffee. Amongst the historical beverages, you can find the Bicerin, made with an espresso base, topped with chocolate and milk foam, invented in Turin in 1763 by Giuseppe Dentis.

Also present will be filter coffee, made with “Kenya Mukurweini” coffee and obviously signed by Ditta. The coffee present in this particular lot comes from 20 small coffee producers from the district of Mukurweini in Kenya, characterized by an amazing taste of blueberries, honey and maple syrup. Another of our particular beverages will be the CoffeeMisu, a delightful play on the famous Tiramisu cake, made with a base of mascarpone cheese and cream, topped with an espresso and completed with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Ditta ArtigianaleAmongst the more refreshing beverages, there will be the Lo Shakerato, made by sweetening slightly the espresso with syrup, which is then shaken in a tumbler with lots of ice to form a sweet and delicious foam, and the Cold Brew Tonic, made with the “Dari Hambela”, an Ethiopic fruity coffee characterized by warm notes of cane sugar and vanilla. Last but not least, the “Bar Moka” a taste of how coffee is made in the majority of Italian houses, made with one of the three mono-origin coffees present in Ditta’s menu.

Ditta Artigianale is the first Italian line of specialty cafes (dedicated to coffees with particular taste qualities), managed by the multi-award winning barista champion Francesco Sanapo, who chooses himself the best blends and mono-origins directly from the farms in the producing countries. Ditta is also a micro roaster, and their coffees, roasted and served on the spot, may also be found and bought from


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