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Conab sees record Brazilian output of 58 million bags for CY 2018/19

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MILAN – According to the second official forecast released by Conab on May 17th, Brazil will produce a record crop of 58 million bags in crop year 2018/19.

In its first forecast, issued in January, the National Supply Company, depending from the Ministry of Agriculture and Supply (MAPA), pegged production between 54.44 and 58.51 million bags.

This new forecast is below most estimates of the private sector, but still above forecasts from a leading market player like Rabobank.

The forecast indicates an increase of 29.1% from the 44.97 million bags produced in 2017.

The production increase is attributed to the positive biennial cycle of Arabicas as well as a further recovery in Robusta production.

Total coffee production (Arabica + Robusta)

Arabica output is seen at an all-time high of 44.33 million bags, or 29.4% increase over the previous crop.

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