Monday 22 April 2024
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Biwell International launches Da Maestri for the single serve coffee market

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CHIASSO, Switzerland — Biwell International S.A., the manufacturer of Swiss premium, functional infused coffees, today announced the debut of Da Maestri capsules, a family of offerings compatible with Nescafé Dolce Gusto’s professional-grade single-serve coffee machine.

“Scholars have studied energy flows for centuries, tapping into most sacred domains of humans’ wellbeing – the mind and the spirit. I believe that we have found the way to reconnect with people’s inner self by giving them full control of their energy. We are excited to launch Da Maestri products that showcase the brand’s combination of rich and sophisticated functional infused coffees,” said Chinarbek Otunchiev, Founder and CEO, Biwell International.

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“As an industry expert with over thirty years of expertise, launching Da Maestri reinforces our commitment to bringing Biwell’s vision for its customers who want to explore a better, more authentic, and fulfilling life by having full control of their life energy”.

Da Maestri products

The new Da Maestri infused coffee blends come in 16-count cartons available for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto’s professional-grade single-serve coffee machine.

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Performance Line – plush layered textures of complex Arabic beans with notes of blossom, berry, and brown sugar. Infused with extracts of Rhodiola Rosea (Fast Energy) and Schisandra Chinensis (Long Energy), adaptogenic herbs known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.

Mindpeace – a thick and luxurious medium roast organic Swiss Water Process® decaffeinated infused coffee with full-spectrum hemp extract helping you to keep mind and body in balance (Calming Energy). The technological process delivers the exact amount of nutrition in every capsule. The innovative capsule design guarantees 100% accurate delivery of the essential elements to fill your cup and body with the right portion of the added supplement.

Future products – a wide variety of potent supplements including MCT that will become part of our Sports Energy Line dedicated to proponents of the ketogenic diet, and many more. A full line of Keurig K-Cup and Nespresso compatible capsules and Da Maestri ground coffee for automatic coffee machines will soon be available on

“The Da Maestri capsule gives coffee connoisseurs the freedom to be their barista, and to enjoy at the touch of a button the personal infused coffee for controlling and optimizing energy flows throughout the day,” said Alexander Afanasyev, General Manager, Wellness Drink. “In less than a minute, at home or office, anyone can enjoy a brewed, cleanup free, rich-tasting Da Maestri’s espresso-based coffee.”

Da Maestri capsules are available online on

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