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Vinci Housewares announces introduction of Auto Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Auto Pour-Over Coffee Maker

LA MIRADA, Calif., U.S. – Vinci Housewares has announced the introduction of its Auto Pour-Over Coffee Maker, the world’s first, featuring a patented Rotary Dispersion Spray Head. There’s no argument that pour-over coffee beats all other brewing methods in terms of taste but the time and effort needed to make just one cup means java fans normally reserve it as a treat to enjoy at specialty coffee houses.

Now, Vinci Housewares’ Auto Pour-Over Coffee Maker makes enjoying up to a dozen cups of pour-over coffee as easy as brewing a regular pot, and in just 10 minutes.

“The secret to a good cup of coffee is even water distribution over the ground coffee, resulting in a balanced and delicious cup,” said Adrian Rivera, CEO at ARM. “Our Auto Pour-Over Coffee Maker lets people enjoy gourmet coffee at home without the time and expense of going to a fancy coffee house.”

Regular coffee makers, even those with large dispersion heads, sporadically dribble water on the grounds, only succeeding in getting a portion of them wet. Vinci’s Rotary Dispersion Spray Head is the first of its kind to automatically distribute hot water evenly over the grounds to achieve a perfectly extracted cup of coffee.

To further the Pour-Over experience, there is a built-in Bloom feature which activates an automatic pre-soak stage. This causes the grounds to be primed for improved extraction during the brewing cycle.

The Vinci Auto Pour-Over also includes all of the other features one would expect from a quality home brewer. For example, a timer lets you prepare your coffee the night before, a 90-minute auto-off function ensures that pots will never burn from being left on too long, and a pause-and-pour feature allows you to pour a quick cup without waiting for the entire brew cycle to be completed.

Also, to keep the Vinci Auto Pour-Over Coffee Maker running in top condition for years, a built-in reminder to clean the machine is displayed after every 100 uses.

The Vinci Housewares Auto Pour-Over Coffee Maker is available for discounted pre-orders via Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vinciautopourover/vinci-auto-pour-over-a-superior-way-to-brew-coffee.

For more information, visit https://vincihousewares.com/.