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Ziggi’s Coffee helps Colorado family build a legacy for their children

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LONGMONT, COLO., US – Ziggi’s Coffee welcomes the Johnson family to the growing franchise after signing an agreement to open a new location in the West Denver area. Eric and Brittany Johnson, parents to a two-year-old and twin newborns, were looking for a business opportunity that would help them secure a better future for their children.

“We’ve both owned small businesses but we currently work 60-70-hour work weeks and were really looking for something that would allow us more time with our family while providing financial security for our children,” said Brittany. “We’re doing this for them.”

Before discovering Ziggi’s Coffee, the Johnsons looked at other franchise concepts but nothing felt quite right. At one point, the couple was excited about a pizza concept but after noticing many of the owners were looking to get out of the business, they soon became concerned and began looking elsewhere.

“It was definitely concerning. If it’s a good company, why do all the owners want out? Once we started looking at Ziggi’s, it was the complete opposite. It was clear that the existing franchisees didn’t want out and in fact, they wanted to open more. That was a big deciding factor for us,” said Eric.

As a growing concept, rooted in Colorado, Ziggi’s Coffee became the front runner in the Johnsons’ search for a secure business investment. They say they not only saw it as a good financial opportunity, but it was something they both enjoyed. As a self-proclaimed pot-a-day coffee drinker, Brittany was excited about the quality of the product and the local appeal.

“It was really appealing to us to find a place with excellent coffee that was based in Colorado,” she said. “Every location we looked up had amazing online reviews for product quality and customer service and we loved that the coffee is roasted locally. The whole business model just seemed to fit.”

The Johnsons signed an agreement to open a single unit but they expressed a goal of opening three or four units in the future. For now, the couple is working closely with the team at Ziggi’s Coffee to find the perfect location from which they hope to build a family legacy.


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