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Gruppo Cimbali’s CCO Enrico Bracesco is the guest of the 16th episode of 5THWAVE podcast

Gruppo Cimbali Enrico Bracesco
Enrico Bracesco, Chief Commercial Officer of Gruppo Cimbali

MILAN — Gruppo Cimbali will be the protagonist of episode #16 “Barista vs. Machine – The future of coffee machine technology”, for the podcast series 5THWAVE; analyzing the coffee industry and the future of hospitality with entertaining and stimulating stories, as well as business and thought leadership lessons given by entrepreneurs and experts in this sector from all over the coffee world.

Hosted by Jeffrey Young, editor-in-chief of the 5THWAVE Magazine and founder of Allegra Group. In this episode Enrico Bracesco, Chief Commercial Officer of Gruppo Cimbali, tells how an Italian family-owned company with a 100-years history has become an international company able to quickly and effectively cope with the challenges of an ever-changing market, focusing on technology innovation.

Gruppo Cimbali sees the future of the industry in technology

Applied to both traditional machines – enabling professionals to make perfect coffee – and to fully automatic machines, placed also in alternative locations other than coffee bars, guaranteeing quality espresso: offices, co-working areas, hotels, small-sized businesses, such as groceries, bakeries and Quick Service Restaurants.

Fully automatic machines are becoming an increasingly more strategic asset for businesses, both for their ability to ensure utmost espresso quality – with no error margin – and to meet new consumption requirements for espresso – outside of espresso bars.

Espresso machines can meet new market trends

Bringing quality espresso into everyone’s home: home bars are an increasingly more widespread trend – even more so with the social changes due to the recent pandemic.

Why not have your own espresso machine at home to enjoy a perfect coffee, then?

Enjoy listening!

The podcast is available at this link.