Wednesday 06 July 2022

Zarraffa’s Coffee Barista Team Challenge winners announced

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After months of intense competition, the winners of this year’s Zarraffa’s Coffee Barista Team Challenge (ZBTC) have been announced this week – Chloe Sprangers and Georgia Schmike, from the Zarraffa’s Coffee Beenleigh store.

The Australian-owned specialty coffee company runs its annual barista competition to pit skilled baristas against each other to vie for the Zarrafa’stitle of Barista of the Year.

Founder and Managing Director of Zarraffa’s, Kenton Campbell, explained teams are required to pull flawless espresso shots and create perfect lattes using Zarraffa’s Coffee signature bean blends, all within an action-packed 15-minute time allowance.

“The final delivery is a test of skill and flair with the creation of their signature beverage, and we’ve also changed things up this year with the inclusion of a latte art section, where contestants can showcase their creative abilities.”

Ultimate winners Chloe and Georgia’s (A.K.A Team Bean) winning signature drink was borne of a love of Iced Mochas.

“We absolutely adore them, and we wanted our signature drink to represent us, so adapted an ice mocha that contained milk chocolate, an orange infused ice cube and a hazelnut cream,“ said Georgia.

“When constructing our beverage, we wanted to create a drink that we love, but one that also complements the flavours of the Zarraffa’s Mexican coffee and we named it the ‘MexiCo-ld.’

To foster teamwork and collaboration, the Zarraffa’s Barista Team Challenge (ZBTC) is staged annually on the Gold Coast, where baristas from Zarraffa’s Coffee stores around the country showcase their ability to nail exceptional coffee making craft in front of a panel of experienced judges.

“It’s a truly great event, where the best of the best of our barista team mix it up in a competitive but friendly way,” said Kenton. “Ultimately it’s about bragging rights for the next year…and of course great coffee!”

Full list of finalists who contested the ZBTC this year:

  • Kate and Hannah from Zarraffa’s Coffee Head Office – Runner Up
  • Ashley and Emma from Zarraffa’s Coffee Toowoomba North – 3rd place
  • Lewis and Jessica from Zarraffa’s Coffee Currambine (WA)
  • Zoe and Grace from Zarraffa’s Coffee Riverway Drive (Townsville)
  • Chloe and Georgia from Zarraffa’s Coffee Beenleigh (SEQ)
  • Cassie and Jessica from Zarraffa’s Coffee Ormeau (SEQ)

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