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Wawa launches Third Wawa Reserve Variety, Peru Amazonas

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WAWA, Pa., U.S. — Wawa is thrilled to announce a new addition to its coffee offer, Wawa Reserve Peru Amazonas. This new variety is Wawa’s third limited-time, specialty-grade coffee offering and will join Wawa’s existing line of coffee varieties beginning early September.

Wawa Reserve 100% Peru Amazonas is a certified Fair Trade, organic coffee sourced from the growing region of Northern Peru.

The warm air from the Amazon Basin in Northern Peru, combined with the high elevations of the Andean slopes, provide the unique climate for this distinct and unique coffee to thrive.

Roasted to a medium state, these beans brew to create a well-balanced cup that has depth, smoothness, and low acidity.

Our Peru Fair Trade Organic Amazonas is an exceptionally smooth cup with big, deep flavors and crisp apple-like acidity, with flavors of roasted nuts, dried fruit and a buttery finish.

“Each time we release a new Wawa Reserve line of coffee it immediately becomes one of our most popular hot beverage options, so we are thrilled to offer Wawa Reserve 100% Peru Amazonas and give customers the chance to explore exciting flavors at the same cost as our traditional varieties,” said Mike Sherlock, Chief Fresh Food & Beverage Officer for Wawa.

“From the very beginning, keeping up with consumer trends and customer demand has been part of Wawa’s culture. Wawa Reserve takes our coffee offering to the next-level and lets customers try a bold new taste right alongside their favorite Wawa roasts.”

About Wawa Reserve

Wawa Reserve is a new line of small-batch, specialty-grade coffees. The beans used to make these special varieties follow a strict industry classification and are chosen according to overall cup quality, consistency, and the unique characteristics of their country of origin. Each limited-edition coffee is picked at the height of ripeness and roasted to its fullest potential.

Reserve Peru Amazonas is a limited-edition, small-batch coffee. It is the third batch in the Wawa Reserve offering for 2018, which included 100% Tanzania and 100% Kenya AA for a limited time earlier in 2018. Throughout the year, Wawa plans to offer additional Wawa Reserve limited-time offers, as available.

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