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YouTube celebrity Emma Chamberlain launches her own (very expensive) coffee brand

Emma Chamberlain
YouTube celebrity Emma Chamberlain (picture from YouTube)

MILAN – Following in the footsteps of other digital creators, Emma Chamberlain is launching a coffee brand of her own dubbed Chamberlain Coffee. An 18-year-old professional vlogger who broadcasts her life to 8.5 million fans, Chamberlain announced the new product earlier in December.

Finally, on December 22nd the website went live and the Youtube star’s followers were offered the opportunity to buy a few different bundles which include steeped coffee bags, travel, and coffee mugs.

Chamberlain Coffee is presented in an, “innovative Chamberlain Steeped Coffee Bag.” As she demonstrates in an updated “My Coffee Recipe” video, these bags are essentially, compostable mega-sized tea bags, with steep-ready coffee inside.

The bags can be used in three ways: steeped in cold water overnight to make cold brew, steeped in hot water for 10 minutes for hot coffee, or hung on your car’s rear-view mirror to make your whole car smell like coffee.

A coffee five-pack is $10, so each bag costs about $2.

“I’ve always struggled to make good coffee at home,” Emma says in her advertorial vlog.

“My goal with this is to give everyone a way to make coffee easily that actually tastes good.”

However, some are accusing her of overcharging for what could probably be considered as regular coffee and intentionally “scamming” her mostly Gen Z fans.

Youtube channels even uploaded videos asking whether or not the coffee was a scam.