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World Coffee Research is hiring Database Manager for Agronomic Research

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PORTLAND, U.S. – World Coffee Research (WCR) is an international applied research organization created by the coffee industry. WRC runs precompetitive agronomic and coffee plant breeding/genetics research worldwide in partnership with local research partners.

The amount of data produced by our field trials and other research is increasing exponentially. Therefore, WCR is looking for a Database Manager/IT Engineer. This position will be stationed in southern France for an initial 6 months where the scientific leadership team is located.

After this initial period the working location is to be determined. Start date: January 2019.

Job description:

In collaboration with the heads of various research programs, you will:

  • Set up a strategy and procedures for data entry and flow from experiments anywhere in the world to storage in databases. Train and communicate with WCR field staff and partners regarding data entry and management.
  • Be the interlocutor for company(ies) providing WCR with technological solutions (SaaS, for example). Responsible for the evolution/customization of solutions in interaction with providers.
  • Define a quality policy to ensure the traceability and accuracy of data for subsequent statistical analysis. Review data for completeness and reliability and solve data-related problems.
  • When relevant, create custom-made, simple tools and processes for specific WCR usage.
  • Use databases to create dashboards, tables, charts, reports and other graphics to easily view and present data, M&E parameters and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Responsible for managing WCR’s databases and related IT technologies, as well as organizing a plan to make sure that WCR staff optimally uses the IT technologies at their disposal.
  • Keep WCR leadership up-to-date with relevant evolution in technologies and make recommendations to optimize data collection, management and use.
  • Occasional travel to coffee producing countries may be required


  • Master’s degree in Agronomy and Database Management, or similar.
  • Strong team working attitude, autonomy and scientific rigor.
  • Experience in data collection and database management, preferably related to agronomy.
  • Experience with reporting software (Spotfire/Crystal/Tableau etc.).
  • Skills in database language (SQL), PostgreSQL and Access (VBA).
  • Experience with API development is appreciated.
  • Experience with the use of tablets/smartphones and related technologies in data collection, transfer and management is appreciated.
  • Skills with basic statistical analysis is required.
  • English fluency required. The primary working language is English.

If you’re interested, please send CV and cover letter to before January 31 2019.


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