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World coffee exports up 1 percent in March, according to Ico monthly statistics

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LONDON, U.K. – World coffee exports amounted to 10.39 million bags in March 2016, up 1 percent from 10.28 million in March 2015. Arabica exports rose 3 percent, with Colombian Milds and Brazilian Naturals up 29.9 and 6.1 percent respectively, while Other Milds were down 10.5 percent. Exports of Robusta fell 2 percent on year.

Exports in the first six months of coffee year 2015/16 (Oct/15 to Mar/16) recorded a 1.6% increase in comparison with the equivalent period of the last coffee year. Once again, Arabicas were up on year by 7.6 percent, with Colombian Milds, Other Milds and Brazilian Naturals up 13.2, 6.8 and 5.8 percent respectively. Robustas were down 7.7 percent on year.

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Coffee shipments from Brazil were still up 0.7 percent to a whopping 18.775 million bags. Exports from Vietnam rose marginally to 11.45 million bags, up 0.5 percent. Colombian exports confirmed their positive trend and reported a 14.1 percent increase on year, while Indonesia coffee sales nose-dived by more than a third to less than 2.2 million bags much below India.

Despite a 1.1 percent decrease on year, Honduras confirms its leadership in Central America. Africa’s major exporters – Uganda and Ethiopia- were up 5.3 and 26.2 percent respectively.

In the twelve months ending March 2016, exports of Arabica totalled 71.07 million bags compared to 68.66 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 41.74 million bags compared to 45.03 million bags.

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