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Winners announced for the Smart Label 2019 Host Innovation Award

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MILAN, Italy – As much as 217 companies applied and 56 of these were awarded the prestigious green label: the SMART Label 2019 Host Innovation Award is an initiative promoted by HOSTMilano and that provides an overview and brings confirmation of this situation by rewarding companies that have signed up for HOSTMilano 2019.

The ideas submitted were assessed by a jury made up of Matteo O. Ingaramo, general manager of, Francesco Zurlo, vice-principal of the Politecnico di Milano Design School, Venanzio Arquilla, associate professor at the Politecnico di Milano Design School, Fayun Zhu, vice-principal of the Design Intelligence Award Committee Office of the China Academy of Art, Gillian Crampton Smith, of the University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam, Shujoy Chakraborty, chair of the Spatial Design masters programme and scientific co-ordinator of the Design sector of Meios Interativos (DMI) at the University of Madeira (UMa) and Iginio Massari, who is considered one of the foremost pastry chefs of our time.

La Cimbali

Gillian Crampton Smith explains the important role IoT plays: “This year there were more participants, and they presented products that will help small enterprises and craft concerns do big things. Many of these things involve the use of smartphones or tablets as the user interface, making it possible to control more complex activities and to have updates on functions remotely. Others can link up directly to a team of assistants remotely for purposes of prevention and diagnostics.”

One of the sectors that featured most prominently was coffee, as Shujoy Chakraborty explained. “Perhaps because it is undergoing a large-scale transformation, shifting from a mere beverage experience to an innovative, hi-tech one.


Manufacturers are implementing IoT to offer precision and personalisation also to the rituals of beer drinking and to demystify the chemistry of the beverage.” The integration of IoT into all appliances in the category is in any case “an indicator of the transformation of the professional kitchen into a hi-tech place. Catering professionals will become increasingly a meeting point between high-quality cuisine and next-generation interactive technologies.”

The 56 companies awarded the SMART Label were selected in three categories. The Innovation SMART Label, for products with a high level of innovative content, went to ATA, Euroengel s.r.l., CastelMAC S.P.A., Ifi S.p.A., NSF International and StableTable Scandinavia AB.

The ecology category involves a Green SMART Label being awarded to products with a high level of innovative content with regard to energy saving, environmental compatibility and eco-sustainability and was awarded to Jong DUKE, ECODYGER SRL SOCIETA’ BENEFIT, LSA International.

47 products were awarded SMART Labels thanks to the significant contribution they make to developments in their relevant sectors: Alto-Shaam, Angelo Po Grandi Cucine S.p.A., Beanscorp Co., Ltd (T/A CAFFLANO), Bravo S.p.A., BURLODGE SRL, Calligaris S.p.A., Cellografica Gerosa S.p.A., Churchill China, COMENDA ALI GROUP SRL, CONTRAL SRL, DaloLindén AB, Dishcovery srl, Duvall Espresso, Eggcting Products, Electrolux Professional S.p.A., Epta, ETC GROUP S.r.l., Eureka – Conti Valerio Srl, EVCO S.p.A., GASTRO PRODUCTION s.r.o., Gastros Switzerland AG, Iberital, Klarco S.r.l., KRUPPS SRL, La Marzocco S.r.l., MC FORNI, Moretti Forni S.p.A., NEXT COOKING GENERATION SRL, NEXTIS4US, Pengo S.p.A., QUALITYFRY, Rancilio Group S.p.A con socio unico, RATIONAL Italia srl, RCR Cristalleria Italiana S.p.A., Rieber GmbH & Co. KG, ScanBox, Schneider GmbH, SCOLARO PARASOL, Smeg S.p.a., SOFINOR SAS, Spinoco Czech Republic, a.s., Stronghold Technology, Tech Life, tecnobeverage srl, UNOX S.p.a., Zerica srl and ZUMMO.

All the products that have been awarded the Smart Label will appear in the Smart Label Index catalogue and exhibited at a dedicated show at HOSTMilano 2019. This will be the occasion for the seven DESIGN TALKS, seminars organised by HOST and for architects and sector experts who will offer their thoughts on innovative solutions, on the instruments that come out of the analysis of big data, new urban scenarios and the implementation of new technologies.


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