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Barista robots and connected equipments: this is the bar of the future

bar of the future

MILAN, Italy – The bar of the future probably won’t be populated by patrons who look as if they’ve just walked off a Star Wars set (which many bars actually are, especially late into the night) will be something of a cross between a chemical laboratory and a spaceship, and will move away from traditional locations, in search of a new clientele. Thanks to automation and robotics. We can get a taste of this from some of the 2019 Smart Label products.

Starting with Alchimista, the “bartender robot” designed by Tecnobeverage for ho.re.ca. chains, bars, discos, cruise ships and events, which combines into a single machine the three main dispensing systems needed for a smart cocktail: 11 bottles of spirits, 12 aspiration pumps for bottles or concentrates with a viscosity up to that of honey and five fizzy drinks, interfacing with pre/post mix systems.

“Innovation is a company process that allows things to evolve, we need to look at the present with an eye on the future, and simplify what already exists by proposing solutions through creative ideas that make processes and products easier to use,” says president Stefano Bertolani.

“We focus on customers who need precision, speed, control of consumption, reliability and repeatability without needing dedicated, trained staff. With any number of recipes that can be customised, updated, repeated and shared across all points of sale.”

Natura Hot’n’Cold is the “Smart Label” idea from Zerica, a Sicilian company created in 1931 that also has an eye on the future. “We created a tap with a simple design, 100% Made in Italy and equipped with the latest technologies, to respond to all professional requirements.

A dispenser that takes up minimal space, and can be connected to any Zerica under-sink unit, so perfect for canteens, hotels and catering events,” explains Laura Currò, marketing & communication manager for Zerica S.r.l. “An IoT system makes it possible to integrate information in real time regarding the functioning of systems and to carry out diagnostics and maintenance remotely, optimising the times and costs of technical assistance.”

For Zerica “innovating means making a product so easy to use that it becomes ‘transparent.’ And looking for solutions that are advantageous also for the environment, reducing consumption and prioritising ingredients that have a low environmental impact, without sacrificing high-level performance.”

Iberital Vision was awarded the Smart Label because of its new design based on three fundamental principles: the achievement of maximum energy efficiency, with a 50% reduction in consumption; the use of lead-free materials to ensure that there are no traces of heavy metals in the coffee; and an increase in web connectivity, with the possibility of using a tablet to regulate the parameters of the machine and of accessing it remotely with automated monitoring.

Francesca Torelli, marketing manager of Iberital, discusses the idea of innovation: “We understand innovation as an attitude, as a culture that must impregnate the entire organisation. We would like to rethink everything continually, to question everything by looking for new ways of doing things: products, processes, markets … and even the internal structures of the organisation. We want an organisation that accepts the need to constantly evolve and rethink the environment. We believe that if we do not have an innovative attitude in every way, we can never create truly disruptive and different products.” Innovation always goes hand in hand with sustainability.

“Our long-term commitment to sustainability forces us to constantly search processes and products consistent with these principles. Building a more sustainable future was our goal and also that of the European Union. For this reason, our project to design and produce a more ecological, efficient and healthy coffee machine has been subsidised under the EU’s H2020 project.