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Winners announced for the first Contest ‘Chocolates processed at origin’

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PARIS, France – The 1st edition of the International Contest “Chocolates processed at origin” Avpa-Paris 2021 is already a success with nearly 180 participating chocolates registered. It should be noted that with the participation of Promperu, Peru is the country of honor of this 1st International Contest “Chocolates processed at origin” Avpa-Paris 2021.

The candidates are partly cocoa farmers processing their cocoa to make chocolate and, for another part, local chocolatiers who have been able to organize a network of cooperation with growers in their country to offer chocolates of excellence on their national market and internationally.

Nearly forty countries participated in this first competition from the four continents that produce cocoa: Africa, America, Asia and Oceania…

Beyond this brilliant result, what marks this first edition 2021 is the enthusiasm of its jurors gathered under the chairmanship of Chloé Doutre-Roussel for the Technical Jury and Emmanuelle de Beauregard for the Gastronomic jury who knew how to classify and order the samples in order to taste them in the most fair way.

Chocolates were divided into several categories:

  • Dark chocolates without adjuvant or additive
  • Various chocolates: dark chocolates with adjuvant or additive, milk chocolates, chocolates with various ingredients, chocolate candies etc …

It is on Youtube that the results were announced to the lucky winners on Tuesday, June 22nd.

To see the results:

  • Franke Mytico
  • TME - Cialdy Evo

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