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Wega presents at Host Nova, WBar and Nexa: a synthesis of technology and new creativities

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SUSEGANA, Treviso, Italy – Wega Macchine per Caffè is once again be present at Host, the international salon for hospitality professionals. The exhibition, now in its 41st edition and the world leader in the HO.RE.CA sector, takes place from 18 to 22 October in the pavilions of the impressive exhibition centre in Milan’s Rho district.

Wega will be present with an innovative stand (Hall 24 – Booth D52-D60) conceived and designed to represent the three moments of the day that relate to the world of coffee: morning, in the style of a bakery, with references to the world of bread and pastries; daytime, characterized by a typical coffee shop atmosphere in collaboration with the IEI (Italian Espresso Institute) and the IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters), finishing with evening, created with a cocktail bar theme.

A consideration throughout has been sustainability, a must at Wega, whose GreenLine technology allows guaranteed energy saving both in standby and in operational mode.

Wega has extended its green philosophy to its stand, using compostable materials to serve food and drink and eliminating plastic bottles, which will be replaced by water dispensers supplied by the leading company in water treatment BWT (Best Water Technology), for visitors’ use.

Host will provide an opportunity to present the latest developments from Wega to visitors and key stakeholders, notably the Nova, WBar and Nexa machines which combine Wega technology with the creative flair typical of Delineo Design, the studio responsible for the machines’ design.

Nova revolutionizes and breaks down the established aesthetics of coffee machine architecture

Geometrically defined volumes are brought together to create a design in an innovative new language, where form is dictated by the functionality of the product. Defragmentation is the watchword for a machine made up of suspended forms that grant space to generous, ergonomic work areas and allow plenty of freedom for individual customisation. Particular attention has been paid to the interaction design of the control console.

In order to make the work process more fluid, the console has been positioned to align with the brewing head and the relevant filter, set forward towards the user. With a completely integrated cup stand, the height of the cup support tray can be adjusted easily with a single action. Sophistication and aesthetic coherence take this machine’s good looks to the next level.

WBar: A machine of functional aesthetics

WBar is a machine of functional aesthetics on the outside, and the ultimate in reliability and experience on the inside, perfected through ongoing research and technological innovation.

Extremely intuitive and compact, it delivers a user experience that’s smart without compromise. The machine is managed via a single control panel, centrally positioned above the groups. The simple interface offers the barista an intuitive, interactive experience while at the same time allowing complete control of the machine.

Thanks to Movintech® technology, the new design for installing the groups allows the filter to be inserted horizontally from the front, making the barista’s work easier. Once inserted, the machine automatically raises the filter, recognizes whether a single or double dose is required, and adjusts the pressure accordingly: a patented system.

The machine’s completely integrated cup stand provides the ease of adjusting the height of the cup support tray with a single action. It’s possible to lower the raised groups to standard height in just a few seconds: work flows are optimized with no need for additional equipment.

Nexa is the result of years of expertise and constant research and development at Wega

A look that’s truly distinctive and unique, with a personality capable of harnessing the technology inside it without compromising on looks. The distinguishing feature of this machine is its control panel: compact, interactive and intuitive, it simplifies the user experience. The display offers the possibility of choosing the machine’s set-up from three different configurations, guaranteeing the barista a wide range of programming and customized brewing options.

An aesthetic concept developed to enhance individual styling: the side and rear panels of the Nexa can be reinterpreted as part of the design, adding different personalities without changing the innate identity of the machine.

In addition to the new products, visitors to the Wega stand will also be able to see Wega’s flagship machines

On the stand will be the Urban, a machine created through a systematic, multi-disciplinary approach where aesthetics are perfectly matched by the ability to respond quickly to any demand, giving the barista the maximum possible support.

With its modern lines and cutting-edge technology, Urban is a “green” machine thanks to technical features that guarantee energy saving in both standby and operational mode.

Also in action on the stand will be the Airy, a machine distinguished by its versatility thanks to its interchangeable side panels that enable it to adapt to any type of setting.

In addition to this is its practicality, with a Start/Stop button and a shot counter that allows the barista to choose the brewing time to produce a completely personalized cup of coffee.
The traditional aspect of the world of Wega will be represented by the Vela Vintage, a cult object for baristas who still prefer to prepare espresso with a lever-operated machine.

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