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WCE brings together the world of coffee at HostMilano’s 40th edition in October

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Once again at its 40th edition HostMilano will be collaborating with World Coffee Events (WCE), an organisation that will bring to the International Hospitality Exhibition (held October 20-24, 2017) a series of events with a considerable entertainment value as well as offering training and business opportunities.

We asked Alex Bernson, WCE’s marketing and communication manager, to give us a preview.

World Coffee Events will be organizing an exciting event at Host2017 featuring the opportunity to try a range of coffee drinks and alcoholic coffee cocktails made by competitors from all over the globe, in an experience featuring space to learn, relax, and connect.

With representatives from over sixty countries now participating in the World Coffee Championships, our program at Host2017 will be reflective of the wide range of coffee-making skills and styles seen across the globe.

It will include a chance to appreciate coffee excellence, by experiencing both traditional filter and espresso drinks, as well as exciting combinations of coffee and alcohol from World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship competitors“.

What does HostMilano mean to your association?


Many of the partners we work with on stages across the world are headquartered in Italy, so returning to Host for 2017 is a welcome chance to connect with valued colleagues. Celebrating great coffee and the people who support the journey from seed to cup is at the very core of WCE’s mission. We are excited to have the opportunity to return to Host to bring that celebration, along with the global excitement behind the competitive coffee community to the wide array of hospitality industry members in attendance

What do you expect to come from your presence there?

We are expecting a crowd at Host that is eager to learn more about the latest in coffee, and curious about experiencing coffee through multiple viewpoints. We hope to create a holistic experience that stimulates attendees’ understanding of where coffee is, where it is going, and what makes it special.

Will there be training opportunities?

Our program focuses on piquing attendees’ interest through the experiences and connection. There will be opportunities for self-guided education, sensory exploration, and exposure to people with coffee competition experience.

Brewing and espresso: to what extent are they present in the various countries?

We think the map for coffee is expanding everywhere. More people are starting to appreciate specialty coffee, both filter and espresso, and long-standing preconceptions of what markets prefer are being challenged.

In our competitions we have seen a growing interest in the World Brewers Cup.

Our industry is global, and all its stakeholders are constantly in communication.

World Coffee Events hopes to embrace and magnify that exchange of ideas, information, and excellence, allowing the industry to grow in a positive, and mutually beneficial way.


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