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USA – Mars Drinks is Founding Partner of Coffee Quality Institute for Gender Equity

New partnership aims to support gender integration into the coffee supply chain

WEST CHESTER, Penn. – Earlier this year, Mars Drinks announced its Partnership for Gender Equality with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

Along with other founding partners, including ACDI/VOCA, Falcon Coffees and AMFOTEK, Mars Drinks has agreed to contribute financially to the research stage of the initiative.

The Partnership for Gender Equity is a collaborative research initiative spearheaded by CQI to better understand the effects of gender inequality in the coffee sector and develop industry best practices that support gender integration in the coffee supply chain.

Through this initiative, CQI is conducting an extensive literature review and participatory workshops in four countries, kicking off in Cauca, Colombia and Nicaragua.

This collective effort will result in sound recommendations for pilot projects, investments, and partnerships to help ensure sustainable gender integration in the coffee sector.

Kimberly Easson, CQI vice president of strategic partnerships and gender program adviser explains that: “to address growing supply risks linked to climate change, plant disease, and out-migration from farming communities, among others, it is critical that the industry be able to leverage the full capabilities of both men and women in the supply chain, especially in producing communities.

Equally important is participation from the industry. I am pleased that our project will benefit from the expertise and perspectives of these organizations.”

“At Mars Drinks we are excited to partner with CQI to research how gender equity can build stronger coffee communities and more resilient supply chains,” says Samantha Veide, global director of corporate sustainable solutions for Mars Drinks.

“We believe that there is a strong business and community development case for empowering women coffee farmers.”