Tuesday 30 May 2023

USA –Hawaii Board of Agriculture extends quarantine restrictions for CBB infestation

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The Hawaii Board of Agriculture on Tuesday decided to place coffee grown on all areas of Oahu under the same quarantine restrictions as previously enacted for the Waialua area and Hawaii Island.

The measure is meant to prevent the spread of the coffee berry borer.On Dec. 17, 2014, the board placed coffee grown at Waialua Estate Coffee Farms and coffee roasted at the Old Waialua Sugar Mill under the same quarantine restrictions as coffee grown on Hawaii Island after the detection of CBB.

Since the initial detection in Waialua, CBB has been found in Wahiawa and Poamoho in Central Oahu.

The board’s unanimous vote on Tuesday expands the designated infested area and extends the interisland quarantine restrictions to all of Oahu beginning Wednesday, Feb. 25.

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