Tuesday 21 March 2023

US – Maui Wowi Hawaiian brings back Pacific Passion Coffee

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – To help customers cope with the extreme weather conditions hitting communities across the U.S., Maui Wowi Hawaiian is bringing back its warm Pacific Passion coffee blend.

Beginning Monday, March 3 through June 4, 2014, customers can enjoy this unique coffee blend that combines Hawaiian and Papua New Guinea beans to produce a fruity aroma and naturally-sweet taste finished off with a clean, full bodied flavor.

“We have received an incredible response to our Pacific Passion coffee blend in recent years and we’re excited to bring it back,” said Mike Weinberger, CEO of Maui Wowi. “This unique blend of Hawaiian and Papua New Guinea coffee beans from the Pacific Rim is the perfect brew to get our customers in the mood for spring.”

The 450-unit global smoothie and coffee franchise is offering its Pacific Passion coffee blend at participating Maui Wowi stores, kiosks, mobile units and online. By offering the special roast for purchase online, customers have the opportunity to experience the flavors of the Pacific Rim without the expensive airfare.

For more than 30 years, Maui Wowi has been serving up its all-natural, fresh fruit, gluten-free smoothies and Hawaiian blend coffee all over the world. Maui Wowi Hawaiian serves gourmet coffee and espresso drinks from the Kona District of Hawaii, and the islands of Molokai and Kauai.

Maui Wowi’s smoothies are low in fat and hard to resist with a variety of flavors, from the traditional Strawberry Banana and Black Raspberry to unique flavors like Kiwi Lemon Lime and Piña Colada.

About Maui Wowi

Before the days of big Hawaiian resort hotels and fiberglass surfboards, surfers spent long, lazy days partaking in the tasty waves of the North Shore beaches.

As the legends of the surfers grew, many were drawn to the healthy, carefree lifestyle of Hawaii. Since 1982, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has been spreading the “Aloha Spirit” across the world with its premium Hawaiian coffees, all-natural fresh fruit smoothies and authentic Hawaiian products.

From event carts, mall kiosks and stand-alone retail locations, Maui Wowi Hawaiian operates 450 locations in seven countries

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