Thursday 29 September 2022

US – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sees substantial social-local success and 5.6X ROI from Facebook media value generated with MomentFeed

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SANTA MONICA, CA – MomentFeed, the first location-based marketing platform for the enterprise, today published a case study showing how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been engaging with their customers through authentic content and communications enabled by MomentFeed for more than 12 months.

The case study reveals significant lift across key social metrics such as local Facebook fans and impressions, which has generated substantial media value and a 5.6X return on investment correspondingly for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

“Over this past year we have been able to further strengthen our customer relationships and increase engagement in a scalable way,” said Patrice Anderson, Director of eCommerce and Social Media at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

“The MomentFeed solution gives us a highly efficient set of tools to connect with customers based on their local experiences in an effort to drive them back to our stores.”

MomentFeed initially registered all local Facebook pages and Foursquare venues with corrected geocodes (lat/longs), proper branding, and accurate contact details for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

With this infrastructure in place, the specialty coffee and tea retailer has leveraged MomentFeed’s publishing and CRM capabilities to curate the best Instagram photos from their customers and share them to either their corporate brand page on Facebook or the local Facebook page that corresponds to the photo location.

Another important part of the strategy has been responding directly to customers that have captured their experiences with the brand across locations via Instagram, which MomentFeed enables.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has seen impressive results, including a total increase in local Facebook fans of 136 percent and average monthly increases of 36 percent in local engagement, 46 percent in local impressions, and 83 percent in local reach.

The media value from Facebook fans and impressions alone has provided a 5.6X return on investment.

“As one of our longest standing partners, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been leading the way and embracing how consumers now want to engage with brands,” said MomentFeed Founder Rob Reed.

“Establishing local connections and engaging with customers authentically is an ongoing brand commitment that clearly creates social-local success, generates significant media value, and drives business results. We’re truly proud of what The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf continues to accomplish.”

About MomentFeed

MomentFeed is a location-based marketing platform that enables brands to engage with customers across their locations and drive business results through an integrated solution for managing Facebook, Foursquare, Google, Instagram, and Twitter at the local level on a global scale.

Customers see immediate and dramatic improvements in the social metrics that increase revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information, visit

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