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Ultramar launches self-protected compostable and compatible capsule

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FANO, Italy – Since some days, it has become the “queen” of the company production of the Ultramar Invest Group, based in Fano (PU).

This is the self-protected compostable, organic and Nespresso compatible capsule composed by VINÇOTTE OK COMPOST certified materials (organic capsule and top lid), that is the result of the work done by the internal research and development team, that has worked hard alongside the German company Terracaps for over two years.

This last uses the extraordinary organic plastic called “Terrablend”, that is able to reach a level of impermeability to oxygen, that guarantees a shelf life of more than 12 months, relative to the packaged product: coffee, barley, tea leaves, infusions, food supplements and powder products.

The unique oxygen-sealed organic capsule not only contributes to the protection of the environment, but also optimizes the production process because it does not require further external wrapping. All this leads to a 50% reduction of: packaging volumes, volumes of warehouse storage, transport volumes and emissions into the atmosphere.

The production process of the organic capsule has also been designed to reduce the environmental impact by using energy generated by wind, sun, biogas and hydroelectric plants.

The composting tests carried out at an average temperature of 11°C show appreciable decomposition results since the 1st week.

The organic capsules are available in 8 different colours, with the possibility of customization for customers who need them.

The research and development activity has not only affected the product but has also become necessary for the definition of the filling process of the organic capsules and of the related automation systems.

Thanks to the precious and indispensable contribution of OPEM, a world leader in the construction of automatic machines located in Parma, a customized plant has been realized for the Terracaps organic capsule that guarantees the annual packaging of over 150 million capsules.

With the introduction of the latter production line, Ultramar Caffè became the reference company in the sector of packaging of coffee, tea, herbal teas and powder product capsules.

The commitment is confirmed and directed to increase the quality of raw materials and production processes, that go through the careful selection of their suppliers and the training of highly qualified employees, and that are also the result of collaboration with the local University.

Ultramar Caffè, in addition to the environmental sustainability, favours ethical sustainability through the certification of its products under the FAIRTRADE brand, to guarantee better social and economic conditions to the producers and workers.

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