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TURKEY – Istanbul Coffee Festival to be held Dec. 25 to Dec. 28

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ISTANBUL — Coffee addicts will gather at Karaköy’s Galata Greek Primary School for the Istanbul Coffee Festival to be held from Dec. 25 to Dec. 28.

Set in a historical venue, the must-see event will bring the flavor of the third wave of coffee culture, while introducing the best of Istanbul’s prestigious coffee shops, special coffee and food brands and coffee machine producers.

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Visitors will treat themselves while sipping high-quality coffees. Professional baristas will be ready to show off their coffee-making skills, while visitors can enjoy different tastes of coffee and other treats.

The festival program also features interactive workshops, seminars, concerts and exhibitions. Similar to its previous editions, Istanbul will be the meeting point of the art of coffee making once again.

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The Turkey chapter of World Coffee Events, Europe’s greatest coffee show and the premier producer of events for the coffee community worldwide, will take place as part of the festival.

Organized by the Speciality Coffee Association’s Turkey branch, the competition will select the best coffee makers in five different categories.

The winners will represent Turkey in worldwide coffee competitions. Visitors will not only smell the wide range of coffee aromas, but also explore various coffee cultures and all types of coffee-making instruments and books.

Those who want to learn more about coffee and smell different coffee aromas should not miss this upcoming event. Future entrepreneurs of the coffee industry, shop owners and baristas from all areas of coffee culture will be there, too.


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