Tuesday 24 May 2022

Tierra Nueva’s Edible Coffee Technology attracts major attention

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MIAMI, U.S. — David G. Burke, CEO of coffee technology company Tierra Nueva, announced today that Tierra Nueva’s institutional product development processes showcased at Chicago’s IFT18 Science + Food Show last month received major attention from some of the food world’s largest manufacturers – and follow-up transactions are in the works.

IFT18 Science + Food Show, attended by more than 20,000 food industry leaders, was the first national exposure for Tierra Nueva’s coffee-science institutional capabilities.

“Following on the heels of Tierra Nueva’s success in generating interest from some of the world’s largest retailers at May’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, it was exciting and gratifying at IFT18 to achieve such major interest in our institutional coffee technologies, which have potential for application in perhaps thousands of products,” commented Burke.

Several of the largest ice cream manufacturers in the U.S. are now in test phases with Tierra Nueva’s Edible Coffee® ingredient technologies.

“We envision a future in which Edible Coffee® products are wall-to-wall within grocery. When you scan your grocery store – left to right – you’ll find Edible Coffee® in the frozen section, the salty snack aisle, the ready-to-drink beverage aisle, the cookie and snacks aisle, and confection and candy aisle. Consumers will search – and find – our proprietary ingredients to be wall-to-wall within grocery.”

Pablo Reyes, Director of Sales at Tierra Nueva, said he was impressed by the attention Tierra Nueva received from representatives of international manufacturers, especially Europeans.

“IFT18 provided both quality and quantity in exhibitors and attendees,” commented Reyes. “This was the first time we showcased our coffee science and technology processes to these experts, and they were well-received. They recognize the solutions we provide – superior new taste versus anything out there, margin expansion, clean label – and mostly new ‘big I’ innovation.”

“Our use of 100 percent of the coffee bean in our Edible Coffee® consumer products, along with our continuing focus on new breakthroughs in the science of coffee bean research and development, are sound and socially responsible applications of a precious global commodity,” said Burke. “Whole bean means the environmentally-friendly process can reduce coffee raw material costs by more than 30 percent, and create significantly less waste – results unprecedented in the coffee industry.”

About Tierra Nueva

Over the past four years, Tierra Nueva has product tested, piloted and nationally launched various formats for branded and privately labeled coffee thins, spreads, squares and other true coffee ingredient products. Tierra Nueva employs more than 80 at its 42,000-square-foot SQF3, kosher and Halal certified facility in Miami, Fla., opened in 2009.

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