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The non-robotic gelatiere: a profession for the future

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In tomorrow’s world, machines will be making and serving us our ice cream. It’s already happening in some bars in California so does this spell the end for the white-aproned ice-cream maker in the near future?

Those who work in the sector don’t think it does. The profession in the Third Millennium will, however, be less about “off-the-cuff” craftsmanship and more about using technology to guarantee consistent quality and keeping up to date on all the latest developments.

“Tomorrow’s machinery is going to be smarter and will interact more efficiently with the person operating it,” reads a press release from Bravo.

“Even today our Trittico guides the operator every step of the way through the selected programme, displaying clear additional information to monitor what stage the process is at and making it possible to interact smartly by simply tapping on the touch-screen display. Certainly the machine must never replace master chefs, it must simply free them from the more routine mechanical processes involved, such as timing and temperature control, enabling them to concentrate on quality and creativity.

The new Trittico series was developed with this in mind. Among our more innovative solutions, the configurator on the new Trittico series is proving particularly popular. This allows the machine to be personalised by choosing from a set of optional extras.

It’s nothing short of a revolution, in which a machine can be personalised to such an extent that it does just about everything an artisan’s laboratory does. The user has a choice of over 40 pre-set programmes, for a whole range of sweet and savoury preparations.”

Fundamental in all of this is professional training, which all the main manufacturers of the machinery and equipment now offer.

Carpigiani’s Gelato University last year trained up 7,000 people on over 500 courses, held in ten languages, at the International School of Gelato MEC3, which every year from October to June offers 44 courses (from beginners to advanced) on how to run an ice-cream parlour, with all the specifics on creams and fruit flavours, specialised in decorations, in gelato-based pastries, the preparations of the new semifreddo formats, and the brand-new training course for counter staff, illustrating the most effective sales techniques, based on providing the best possible service.

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