Thursday 25 July 2024
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The Ember mug alerts you when you exceed your recommended caffeine intake

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MILAN – Ember ’s innovative travel mug has added a new feature that allows you to know how much caffeine you are consuming through Apple’s Health app. Based on the same Bluetooth technology that lets you control the temperature of you drink from your smartphone, the new app gives you a rough estimate of your daily caffeine intake.

If the mug senses you have exceeded your recommended caffeine intake for the day, it will alert you on your phone.

The Ember mug lets you select your preferred drinking temperature and keep it there. In order to maintain a constant temperature, the mug needs to know whether it’s full or empty, and exactly how much liquid it’s holding at any given time.

The feature also gives you the option to preset your serving size within the app if you drink the same amount of coffee every day.

And if you like to drink specific beverages at their recommended temperatures, the mug can guess what type of drink it is holding based on how hot it is.

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