#TEE18 video number 6: studying coffee in the European Science Capital


TRIESTE, Italy — Chemistry, biology, genetics, agronomy… Coffee can be studied with a many different scientific points of view. A scientific research that serves the great global challenges and the coffee industry.

All this happens in Trieste. Trieste is known not only because of its coffee district: its scientific system is one of the most structured and prestigious in Italy.

No coincidence, Trieste is EuroScience Open Forum 2020, in other words the 2020 European Science Capital.

A curiosity? For over 15 years have been cultivated and preserved in a greenhouse botanical species from all the main coffee producing countries. Thanks a project of the University of Trieste.

A glimpse of how scientific research can develop around coffee: that’s what this video is about. A new chapter of the #TEE18 series about Trieste’s expertise and love for coffee.