Saturday 09 December 2023

Take part to the Victoria Arduino experience and win a trip to the factory in Italy

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LONDON, UK — Starting from today, you have the opportunity to see the new Eagle One by Victoria Arduino and to win a trip to the factory where all the eagles born, at Caffè Culture event at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London. Caffè Culture is an award-winning and information-led trade event, specifically aimed at the UK’s coffee and café bar market.

During the two days, the brand will present an impressive selection of the UK’s best speciality coffee roasters. The Victoria Arduino Experience promises to deliver delicious coffee and heighten your senses by challenging your understanding of how it travels from bean to cup.

The Victoria Arduino experience roasters include:

Square Mile Coffee Roasters, PLOT, Rave Coffee, Hasbean, Moonroast, Kokoa collection, B/R, Brew Coffee Plus and Exmouth

Four challenges. Four Variables. One correct answer

Brewing espresso is a difficult thing to get right, with variables such as temperature, yield, grind and water quality all affecting the final cup. Do you know how each variable affects flavour?

#1 Taste your TEMPERATURE
#2 Taste your YIELD
#3 Taste your WATER
#4 Taste your RPM

Taste your way through four challenges, deciding on which espresso has all the positive attributes associated with a good extraction. Get them all correct, and you enter the draw to win a trip to see the Victoria Arduino factory in Belforte Del Chienti, Italy.

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