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Rancilio Classe 20, previewed at Host 2019: Brewing just got better

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MILANO – Elegance, sturdiness and performance are the distinctive characteristics of Classe 20, the new Rancilio coffee machine. Classe 20, which was given a preview presentation at Host Milano 2019, inherits some of the distinctive traits of Rancilio products, like the light along the sides, the satin finish steel and aluminium of the machine body, and at the same time it boasts new features and some solutions that were copied from the Rancilio Specialty RS1.

A fusion of innovation and tradition, Classe 20 raises the status of its product category in terms of performance and functionality and it is available in three versions – SB, ASB and TP – with three different thermal control technologies, an intelligent interface and a new advanced diagnostic system.

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Classe 20 SB is the first Rancilio brand coffee machine that is equipped with the Steady Brew technology; the technology that revolutionizes the hydraulic circuit and goes beyond tradition. Steady Brew technology, which is patented by Rancilio LAB, maintains the water inside the hydraulic circuit at a constant temperature guaranteeing top of its product category range thermal stability and maximum repeatability at the discharge phase both during peak workload as well as in less busy periods.

Classe 20 ASB is the multi-boiler version. The independent groups which are equipped with a micro-boiler and a heating element, are the maximum guarantee for the thermal stability of the groups, accurately controlling the temperature of the water for each brew. With the Classe 20 ASB, the barista can regulate a different temperature for each group, even during operation, quickly and easily using a touchscreen interface.


The Classe TP multi-boiler with independent dispensing groups is equipped with Temperature Profiling, which is a Rancilio patented technology that enables a barista to manage water temperature profiles, accurately and dynamically, during the extraction phase, to bring the best out of each different coffee.

Another important novelty that comes with the Classe 20, which sets it apart from all the products in the same category on the market, is the 4.3” touchscreen interface. All settings are within easy reach and simple to manage even by less experienced baristas. Performance can be checked in real time with all the coffee, water and steam parameters organized in simple swipe menus.

Classe 20 was also created to improve technical support services and make maintenance operations faster. The Service function offers the possibility to test all of the machine systems and check the working order with a simple tap on the touchscreen interface.

With the Classe 20, it will no longer be necessary to open the coffee machine and analyse its components to identify the source of any malfunctions or breakdowns, with the advantage of solving each problem and carrying out the necessary maintenance operations in the shortest possible time.

The new Classe 20 will go into production in 2020.


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