Thursday 20 June 2024
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World Aeropress Championship

2018 World AeroPress Championship to take place on Saturday in Sydney

SYDNEY, Australia — Following the completion of 140 events across the globe, this weekend, 61 finalists will join and compete in the legendary 2018...

La Marzocco played host to the 2017 Italian AeroPress Championship

SCARPERIA, Italy – La Marzocco, the leader in design and espresso machine innovation, hosted a new edition of the Italian AeroPress Championship in the heart of Milan (on May 26), as part of the World AeroPress Championship (WAC): an international competition format gathering coffee enthusiasts to promote an alternative ...

Tim Varney tells us the original World AeroPress Championship history

MILANO, Vista Darsena, Italy - Tim Varney is an expert of the specialty coffee industry. His knowledge focuses on quality, roasting and coffee bar management. He's mostly noted as the longtime second in command at Oslo’s Tim Wendelbo. He spent six years at Oslo, working for them and two years at The Tate Modern in London.

Introducing 2016 Norwegian AeroPress Championship

The Norwegians are a funny bunch aren’t they? Kaffikaze are even funnier. They’re the rascals that created the Mile High AeroPress Club and cause...

VIDEO – New Zealand AeroPress Championship 2015

Ozone Coffee Roasters was proud to host the inaugural New Zealand AeroPress Championship to find the 2015 NZ AeroPress Champion. The World Aeropress Championships was...

WORLD OF COFFEE – La Marzocco to co-host the 7th Annual World Aeropress Championship

RIMINI, Italy – La Marzocco, in partnership with Caffè Pascucci, will be inaugurating its off-site BEACH EVENTS at WORLD OF COFFEE on Monday, June...

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