Tuesday 27 September 2022
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Tim Hortons opened this café in Toronto to prove a point about its coffee

TORONTO, Canada – Tim Hortons is the pride and joy of Canada, but its coffee doesn't always have the best reputation. That may be why the coffee chain introduced its latest product without any Tim Hortons signage. The company opened a trendy cafe under the pseudonym of "Perfectly Uncomplicated Lattes" to sell its new two-ingredient drink.

Tim Hortons spills the beans on new latte coming to all Canadian locations

OAKVILLE, ON, Canada – Today, Tim Hortons announced its solution to a world of long-winded, overwhelming coffee orders - its new, perfectly uncomplicated latte. Tim Hortons Guests need only say "latte" to receive the new made-to-order specialty beverage that's one size, one price and the perfect balance of just two simple ingredients ...

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