Sunday 19 May 2024
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Surprising findings about coffee presented at world′s biggest gathering of heart specialists

MILAN – Coffee’s bad, then it’s good, then … it’s practically a health food! Apparently, it’s good for the heart. Want to lower your...

Here is the latest scoop on the health benefits of coffee drinking

What a difference a few years can make. Not long ago, I was learning about the dangers of coffee — how it could raise...

Can coffee help you live longer? Two studies show that it may be true

Can drinking coffee help you live longer? Two studies report that it may be true. Both studies, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, show...

Do you want to live a longer and healthier life? Drink your coffee black

Many of us joke that we can’t live without our morning coffee. But a pair of new studies suggests that drinking coffee is associated with longer life and lower instances of cancer or chronic disease. Does this mean you should drink an extra-large macchiato with caramel and extra whip every morning?

Having caffeine just before a short snooze is the ultimate energy hack

The words "coffee" and "nap" don't usually go together. But a strategy that pairs the two actually makes sense—and could be the energy boost you need to make it through a crazy day. A coffee nap is exactly what it sounds like: You drink a cup of joe, then immediately take a snooze.

Coffee: The science behind the health claims. All you need to know

News proclaiming the health benefits of coffee is aplenty. The claims are bold: coffee can prevent anything from liver disease and cancer, to dementia and multiple sclerosis. On top of that, it is said to help us live longer. Despite this, there are also more cautious studies. These tend to report on the risks of consuming caffeine, especially in ...

Health risks: How much caffeine is too much according to science?

MILAN – Caffeine is having a cultural moment. Once believed to cause illness, recent research has linked the compound to a variety of health benefits. Sensing an opportunity, entrepreneurs seized on these health claims to launch new products. Today, caffeine-vehicles now include sprays, powders, gums, waffles, cubes, granola bars, and bagels.

Coffee associated with liver wellness in patients with chronic liver disease

HEMPSTEAD, NY, U.S. – Many people ask about liver wellness and what they can do to keep their liver healthy. The best recommendations are to avoid potential risk factors for chronic liver disease such as drug and alcohol use, make sure vaccination against hepatitis A and B are performed and proven effective and to follow a healthy diet ...

How well studied is caffeine?

Studies of caffeine show that it does not increase the risk of death, but it causes a habit or possibly a dependence that the...

Expert reaction to IARC evaluation of the carcinogenicity of coffee, maté and very hot beverages

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has issued its latest report which classifies hot drinks as group 2A carcinogens, meaning they...

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