Monday 08 August 2022
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Melitta Group

Melitta Professional receives German Brand Award for management

MINDEN - At the award ceremony in Berlin, Markus Reinhardt (middle), Head of Market Activation, Digital Products and Solutions at Melitta Professional, accepted the...

Caffè Corsini sprints on the international market thanks to partnership with Melitta Group

AREZZO, Italy – Following yesterday’s announcement, Melitta Group has issued the following press release on the acquisition of Caffè Corsini. The Italian coffee brand...

Melitta Group acquires a 70% stake in Italian specialty coffee roaster Corsino Corsini

MILAN – Melitta Group has acquired a 70% stake in Corsino Corsini S.p.A., an Italian family-owned coffee roaster established in 1950 in Arezzo. Under...

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung and Melitta Group start project to recycle coffee waste in Brazil

HAMBURG, Germany – Organic waste in coffee production is a multi-talent. Used efficiently it supports the productivity of coffee farms, it can help to...

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