Thursday 09 February 2023
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Death Wish Coffee releases instant blend, packed with 300 mg of caffeine

ROUND LAKE, N.Y., U.S. — Death Wish Coffee Company, based in Round Lake, New York, has released an Instant Coffee blend as the company...

Solo Coffee launching bag-in-box cold brew coffee on tap

UK-based Solo Coffee has launched a new bag-in-box cold brew as it aims to make “great black coffee more accessible” to consumers. The coffee is...

This chewable coffee candy is perfect for caffeine lovers on the go

MILAN – Dry Brew, as they say, "enables coffee lovers the enjoyment of having their coffee boost anytime and anywhere." A regular cup of coffee contains around 95mg of caffeine, according to Google, A piece of Dry Brew has 65mg so it's about 2/3 of a typical cup of coffee's caffeine in the form of a chewable candy.

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