Tuesday 03 October 2023
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climate change

In the face of climate change, scientists find coffee needs trees and bees

From friends meeting over cappuccino in the local café to students pulling all-nighters, we humans count on coffee to put zip in our lives....

Forest plantations are a potent blend for a sustainable coffee production

Climate change is threatening Europe’s coffee supplies, but the impacts could be diluted by planting the crops amongst trees - a technique known as...

Nestlé again earning a place in the annual CDP Climate A List

Nestlé has been recognized as a global leader for its response to climate change, again earning a place in the annual CDP Climate A...

Mars launches “Sustainable in a Generation Plan” to fight climate change

MCLEAN, VA. — Mars, Inc. has introduced its “Sustainable in a Generation Plan,” a new initiative that includes a set of far-reaching goals and...

Costa Rica’s production could suffer the consequences of climate change

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica – The production of coffee around the world, including Costa Rica could be affected by climate change, stated experts and authorities in Colombia, which also warned no country is ready to face these problems. Because of how sensitive coffee plants are to small fluctuations in temperature as the temperature goes up ...

The Ethiopian coffee industry is screwed unless we do something about it

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Climate change might not feel that important if you're living far away from a coastline. But that doesn't mean your life won't change. A lot of the items people love will likely be influenced by the changing climate in some way, and the popular Ethiopian coffee is a prime example.

How the coffee industry may be impacted in the future by climate change

HONG KONG – Coffee production and consumption have risen considerably over the past few decades, with 2.25 billion cups of coffee being consumed daily worldwide. But the future availability and price of coffee are going to be impacted by climate change and farmers who grow it may lose their livelihoods.

Coalition of over 65 partners agree to actions to make coffee sustainable

ARLINGTON, Va., U.S. – The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, a coalition of over 65 partners including corporations, governments, NGOs and research organizations, today announced the first four Collective Action Networks to further its effort to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world.

Coffee’s fate is getting jittery as climate change puts growing areas at risk

WASHINGTON, U.S. – A century ago, Puerto Rico was a coffee-growing powerhouse that sent its finest beans across the Atlantic to satisfy the demands of the European market. Since then, the Caribbean island's role in the global market has dimmed, but coffee remains an iconic product, recently boosted by a small resurgence in coffee cultivation.

Temperatures in Puerto Rico represent a challenge for coffee growers

WASHIGTON, U.S. – Climate projections indicate Puerto Rico may be warmer and drier, likely impacting one of the Island's most iconic crops. This could result in less-favorable growing conditions in the coming decades for coffee. A new study by the USDA Caribbean Climate Hub shows that if greenhouse gas emissions and temperatures continue ...

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