Friday 12 July 2024
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Eight out of ten Brits drink less than five cups a day of tea

LONDON, UK – Data1 reviewed by the Tea Advisory Panel reveals over 8 out of 10 Brits aren't hitting the sweet spot of five...

Cappuccino is UK’s favourite coffee drink, 1 in 3 Brits can’t start the day without coffee

NEWCASTLE, UK – A recent poll conducted by OnePoll revealed that cappuccino is the nations favourite coffee drink in the UK. Latte, flat white...

Brits spent £12.3 billion on online groceries in 2018, says Mintel research

LONDON, UK — Brits continue to shop with the click of a button, as according to the latest research from Mintel, last year sales...

Heavy drinkers: Britons consume 1,460 cups of coffee each year

Caffeine-loving Britons consume 1,460 cups of coffee a year on average (that’s 93,440 cups in an adult lifetime), according to new research. Researchers took an...

Coffee drinkers are nearly three times more likely to stay late at work

LONDON, UK – UK workers needing to stay late in the office are being fuelled by coffee. That’s the finding today after a study reported that one fifth (20%) of Brits stay one hour late at work if they drink two or more cups of coffee per day. Coffee has long been believed to be the key for staying alert and engaged for long periods ...

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