Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Try the benefits of this coffee ground and turmeric scrub for better skin

MILAN – There are certain combinations that for some reason just click. Natural ingredients that work well on their own, but when combined create something only just short of miraculous. One such combination, in my opinion at least, is used coffee grounds and turmeric.

How two university friends turned coffee grounds into a beauty gold mine

MELBOURNE, Australia – How much does it take to convince the average woman to take off her clothes, rub brown coffee granules all over her body, and then rave about it on social media? Melbourne friends Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson, who met at university nearly 10 years ago, may have the answer ...

Quotes about coffee: “When you cannot feel, The purity of love …”

"When you cannot feel, The purity of love ..."

BEAUTY INDUSTRY – Taiwanese firm launches hair care line from coffee grounds

Taiwan-based green enterprise Hair O’right has recently launched a hair care brand called Recoffee, which joins the growing list of repurposed products that come...

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