Thursday 30 May 2024
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BEAUTY INDUSTRY – Taiwanese firm launches hair care line from coffee grounds

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Taiwan-based green enterprise Hair O’right has recently launched a hair care brand called Recoffee, which joins the growing list of repurposed products that come from recycling coffee waste.

Using the cradle to cradle concept, the personal care products maker said it is able to produce quality shampoo and hair conditioning products by extracting the oil from recycled ground coffee that they collect from Starbucks and other coffee shops in Taiwan.

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Cradle to cradle is an industrial design that ensures the supply chain and life cycle of a product do not have negative impacts to the environment.

Its shampoo is packaged in biodegradable bottles made from the same coffee waste, and are embedded with coffee seeds which can be buried in the soil, making every consumer of the product a potential coffee grower – under the right enviornmental conditions, said Hair O’right.




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